How to Relax

In today’s age life does not slow down or stop, regardless of our circumstances. Life goes on and continues to become busier and nosier. If we allow ourselves, that busyness and noise will drown out any sense of well-being or calm that we have. It can become very easy for us to wake up and go to bed with little or no time for others let alone ourselves leaving us to look back upon the day in an exhausted mental and physical state. This is where learning to be self-aware becomes vital to our mental condition and overall wellbeing.

Our systems are connected; the mind, body and spirit are all connected and act as a whole system. When one system is suffering, the others will suffer in time as well. Being self-aware allows us to work in a “reset” time for ourselves throughout the day to help bring us and our systems into a more balanced state. The good news is that we don’t have to sacrifice lots of time to achieve balance in our lives. Studies show that moderate physical activity a mere 15 minutes a day can have long lasting positive effects on the body and mind.

Take the task of hand washing for instance; even this can become a meditative and grounding technique. The next time you wash your hands, pay attention to how you wash your hands, use warm water and observe the movements that you use to wash and notice how the warm water feels along with the lather of the soap. Rinse the soap off thoroughly and use a paper towel or hand towel to dry them using the same technique. You can make the simple and everyday task of washing your hands into a practice that can help bring you a sense of calm. It is super easy and effective, yet I am willing to bet that most people do not even think about something as mundane as washing your hands as a meditative and grounding practice.

Take a minute to think of any other every-day task that you do that you can use as a cathartic, grounding experience. Comment with your ideas!

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