I Can’t; and other self-defeating phrases

I have been hearing self-defeating talk more and more lately in the form of the phrase “I can’t.” People have been using common life crutches such as: age, work schedule, resources, responsibilities, etc. as an excuse for not trying new things or new hobbies. Now I do realize that there are certain limitations that we may be subject to; logistics, finances and biology all play a part. For instance, I will not sprout a head full of hair no matter how hard I physically or mentally want to – it just will not happen. But, I hear more and more about how people cannot engage in physical activities or hobbies or a new career path because of pre-conceived boundaries or limits, so they settle and end up being less fulfilled or satisfied with life.


I see these people as being stuck with the status quo of their current situation; a dangerous and stagnate place to be. The body, mind and soul need a sense of drive to grow and flourish. We need accomplishments, hobbies (watching tv is not a hobby ), we need to set goals that we can achieve and victories, however small, to keep our bodies and minds sharp, focused and fulfilled.


I love seeing people break the status quo mentality. I see it in Sister Madonna Buder, aka the Iron Nun, who completed her first triathlon at age 82. I see it in the film about Andy Short with Cerebral Palsy who is not letting his disability stop him from accomplishing astounding things in life. I see it time and time again through social media and media outlets. Instead of saying “I can’t because…”, start saying “sure I can,” after all, it is a mere a matter of will and determination of how bad you want it! So get up, get after it, and do what you want to do in life!


The Takeaway:
  • What’s something you’ve always wanted to do but haven’t? What step can you take today to move forward towards that goal?
  • Put positive notes up around your house, full of encouragement in the areas you need it. Repeat them to yourself daily.
  • Watch or read an inspiring story. www.ted.com has a lot of amazing talks.

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