Creating a Non-Toxic Work Space

The space that we work from during our week can have a huge impact on our stress level and personal well-being. Why not make that space one of tranquility, calm and balance? This can be achieved with minimal cost and with little effort but yet, will have a tenfold return on your attention to it. Music, ambient sounds, a fan, soft lighting (fluorescent overhead lights are very harsh on the eyes), essential oils and other aromatic items such as white sage or palo-santo wood, plants, inspirational quotes and pictures can all be used in the office space to make a place where you can optimize your productivity and increase positive energy all the while reducing stress and anxiety. Organization and keeping your workspace clear of clutter can also reduce anxiety.


The Takeaway: I have posted a few things below that you can inject into creating a space for you that is personal to you while reducing negativity and toxicity an in turn increasing positivity and balance.


  • Desk clear of clutter – do this at the end of your workweek so you can start fresh and
  • Low, soft lighting
  • Ambient sounds or music – I find thunderstorms and nature tracks to be very relaxing
  • Lighting palo-santo wood or white sage
  • Diffusing essential oils, this can be done by merely taking the cap off and placing the open bottle under a fan to help spread the scent.
  • Having inspirational quotes or pictures of loved ones and special places around the office.
Message me if you want some other suggestions or need help in creating your optimal workspace. What are some things that you do or add to create a positive and non-toxic working space?



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