Different Types of Energies

Have you ever been around someone who is negative and just down right gloomy? Have you found that being around negativity brings your down and saps your energy? These types of personalities are often referred to as Eeyores. Believe it or not, their negative energy can have a negative effect on you and your energy level.

There is positive energy and there is negative energy. These different types can have opposing effects on you and your mood. One of my strengths is positivity, which means that I cannot be around a lot of negativity; it brings me down and it destroys my mood. So knowing that about myself I try and place myself around positive energies as much as I can.

Surrounding yourself with positive energy does not mean that you have to dance around all day with friends painting daisies on things, but this merely means to be aware of the energies that you are surrounding yourself with in life.

I think that if you try to place yourself around positive energies you will find that the more positive energy you have in your life and the more positive and upbeat your mindset and perspective will be.

Energies attract, thus positive energy will collect and amplify when in contact with one another and vice versa for negative energies. It does not take much to promote positivity in your day to day routine. Below are a few things you can do that may seem insignificant and small but will have a tremendous effect on those who are the recipient. Remember energies attract and energies feed off of one another. The more positive that you are the more people around you will become.

The Takeaway: Practice the following this week…

  • Smile and tell someone good day when you walk by them while making eye contact.
  • Use a person’s name (if you know it or if they are wearing a name badge) when having an interaction with them.
  • If you do not know someone’s name when conversing ask them.
  • Hold the door open from someone no matter what their age, gender, ethnicity. (you will be shocked at how much of a positive effect this will have on someone)

What are somethings that you do to increase positive energy in your day to day routine?


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