Being O.K. with Silence

How many of us struggle with having or finding silence in our lives?

Now for a different question to ask ourselves; if we do have moments of silence in our daily routine or activities how many of us have a hard time staying in that moment and appreciating the silence and quiet? I am willing to bet that most of us are not comfortable with silence or we do not know how to be comfortable with silence. I will admit that this has been a learned practice for me and it is one that I am constantly learning to be aware of. I have to remind myself to relax, to reflect on and embrace times of silence. This is why I love to go out in nature, away from the constant noise or hum of the city.

Nothing grounds me more or allows me to focus and let go of the stuff that is crowding my thoughts, than to get out into nature. I love to hike in the silence with nothing but the elements and the sounds of the wild world surrounding me. Now if you have young children or have been a parent at all you know how especially difficult this task is. But there are times when all of us need silence in our lives. We need those quiet times to relax, or pause life, if you will. I find myself seeking out these moments when I have had a hectic work schedule and busy social/family calendar. When my stress and anxiety are high those are the times that I know that I must seek out silence and quiet to ground and center myself.

We live in a world that is growing louder, noisier and faster. It is a vital part of your self-care to take some time to pause and seek out the silence.

I encourage you to be aware of the moments of silence that you have, do not disregard them rather be aware of their value and use them to help balance and ground you.

The Takeaway: Today, practice seeking out 5 minutes of silence. Sit in a quiet room, set a timer (so you don’t have to interrupt your mind by checking the time) and just focus on your breathing. Sometimes it helps to focus on one phrase, or to light a candle. Sit in the silence for five whole minutes. Settle into the calm. When you’re done, think about how you feel and see if it’s helped your peace of mind.


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