Being comfortable in your own skin

Have you ever heard the term “being comfortable in your own skin’? Furthermore, has anyone ever explained what this term means?

This phrase was explained to me when I was in graduate school and it is a phrase that I use with clients and myself often. On the days when I am feeling less than perfect or less than how I think I should be, I use this phrase to remind myself that I am ok with how I look and I do not need to allow others or societal expectations to define who I am. This is a hard concept and even harder practice with todays societal standards of how people should look/be. This is why people can become obsessed with going to the gym,  have cosmetic surgeries and spend tons of money on fad diets and ‘nutritional’ supplements. Now do not get me wrong, it’s great to take care of ourselves and practice good self-care, but we can be  content and happy with ourselves without allowing others to dictate how we are “supposed” to look.

Maintaining an active and healthy lifestyle are all very important for our over wellness and self-care but there is only so much that our genetics will allow us to achieve or accomplish and that’s ok.

The chef from one of my favorite movies, Muppets Take Manhattan, says “peoples is peoples.” How true is this statement? Peoples is peoples and we are all unique; we all have our own strengths and personalities and that is what makes us so amazing as a collective whole. I encourage you today to not allow others to make you feel as if you are anything less than who you were made to be.

The Takeaway: Today write out five things (physical or not) that you like about yourself. Give gratitude into the universe for these attributes.



P.S. This article is great and takes this topic one step further: How to feel comfortable in your own skin

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