Social Media Identity and Acceptance

I am guessing that all of us are on some form of social media. It’s interesting to watch the role social media has played in our lives and the pressure that has built up to create a perfectly curated life online. Many of us fall into the trap of creating an online identity in hopes of acceptance from others. We give friends and strangers who we will never actually meet in real life, power over us.

How many likes did we get? What’s our follower count up to?

We can become defeated and dejected when we do not have our posts liked or validated by others. Social media is a double edged sword, it can be used for a lot of good and can have a lot of benefits in our lives. It can connect you with like-minded people from all areas across the globe which is an amazing thing and creates an unprecedented time for us as humans; the danger is when we value these accounts too highly.

We must remind ourselves that our social media accounts are not our identity.

How does the amount of likes that we have, have any bearing or significance on your day-to-day activities in the real world? What significance is having 1,000 or 5,000 followers making on your life? Do you find yourself changing what you share or post because of others? And what impact is social media having on you? Do you feel inspired or happy when scrolling through or sad and dejected?

The Takeaway: I challenge you all to take a social media break. How long you take is up to you.

A day.
A week.
A month.

Whatever you need to clear your head a bit. Delete the apps from your phones and just see how long it takes for you to automatically click for the app. (I did this and found it shocking.) Give your head space to think and work on connecting with real people around you. The non-perfect ones, in three dimensions.

When you return to social media, be purposeful. If there’s an account or several that cause you to think negatively about your own…

“They have it so together.”
“I want to travel like that.”
“Even their breakfast looks beautiful.”

…unfollow them. It’s nothing personal, just curate your feed to be more inspiring and positive. Follow people that bring you joy and put a smile on your face. And stop concerning yourself with your likes and followers and friends and connections and swipes. They aren’t your identity.


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