Engaging the Senses

What are the five senses? Sight, Smell, Hearing, Taste, Touch for those of us who need a little reminder.

How many of us actively engage our senses when we are going through our daily activities? A better question to ask is how many of us are aware of when we use our sense during the day making it a meditative practice?

This is something that you can easily incorporate into your daily routine and it can have a dramatic effect on your mood and stress level.

You can use meditative music to engage your sense of hearing, essentials oils, sage, palo-santo wood and balsam fir to engage your sense of smell. Low, soft lighting to help your sense of sight and items such as gems, smooth stones to engage the sense of touch. Surround your workspace with items that help you engage your senses in a positive way throughout the day to help keep you grounded and balanced in mind and body.

When I smell balsam fir I am instantly transported to the woods; the wild places where I have had a personal experience with the natural world and in an instance, calm washes over me as I can feel the elements of that particular visit. I can close my eyes and in an instant be back at a trailhead in Colorado or walking among the redwoods of Big Basin.

We all have these items in our lives yet we fail to realize the importance that the senses hold over us in their ability to calm our thoughts, ease our worries, and reduce our stress levels.

The Takeaway: I encourage you to adopt a sensory practice during the day to help you manage your stress. It can start with one sense and add more as you feel comfortable. Add one or two items to your workspace this week. Feel free to reach out if you need help with coming up with some ideas that are specific and personal to you.


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