You Are What You Eat

I do not know about you but after coming off of the holidays I am in need of a detox. Have you ever heard the saying of “you are what you eat”? How many of us have heard this but have brushed it aside or put it out of our heads? Truth is, you are what you eat, or you will become what you eat.

What we consume has drastic impacts and effects on all of our systems, including the mind.

New research has shown that now in order to maintain a healthy lifestyle your diet and eating habits have more of a long term impact on your overall health and well-being than physical exercise. Exercise is important in maintaining a healthy lifestyle but eating habits are more important. Do both and you have a recipe for optimal wellness and health. Now who, going into 2017, is not tempted by that?

It is not easy to change your eating habits but it can be done with a little self-discipline and planning.

Small changes can be made on a daily or weekly basis to your existing diet and before long you will find yourself with a whole new eating routine which will leave you feeling happier and healthier.

Remember practice and routine lead way to habit which will become a new lifestyle. There will be several more blog posts for this series on eating habits and choices that we make and how they can impact our overall wellness for the good or for the not so good. I encourage you to be aware of what you are eating and putting in your bodies, the food choices that we make can have lasting impacts on our health. If we give our bodies the foods and nutrients that it needs we will feel better and who doesn’t want that?

The Takeaway: Start looking at your eating habits or patterns during the week and pick a few areas that need to be worked on. For example…

  • Cut back on refined white sugar. (The daily recommended intake for women is 25 grams and 37.5 grams for men. I bet some of us meet that daily dose at breakfast.)
  • Cut your caffeine intake by half or drop one caffeinated drink each day.
  • Up your servings of vegetables by adding in one more cup of vegetables to your intake each day. Try to have your vegetables be the biggest portion of your meal.
  • If you consume alcohol, regulate your intake.
  • Drop artificial products. Dyes, preservatives and artificial sweeteners have been linked to terrible health issues. Let’s eat real food.



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