Practicing a digital detox

Last’s weeks blog discussed a bit about being aware of how much screen time you were using and encouraged you to spend that extra time that you find towards hobbies and interests that will be more valuable to your overall well-being. Let us take the concept a step further and discuss the practice of a digital detox.

Has there been a time recently or ever that you have powered off your phone and left it behind for an evening, day, or long weekend?

Have you ever turned the phone off to be here, in the moment, present? Or is every single event and experience digitally documented? If you are worried about capturing the moment with your camera, you are taking your awareness away from experiencing the moment in its fullest. I am not saying that you cannot capture the moment or that there is anything wrong with documenting the moment, but be aware that you do not allow the capturing of the moment to overshadow the realness of that moment.

You can tell friends, family or colleagues that you are not available for specific periods of time during your day or week.

You must set clear boundaries for yourself and others or no one will respect your time.

You can allow yourself to leave your phone in a car, in a bag or at home when you desire. You can allow yourself to disconnect and be present for your life and those who are in it. I give you that permission and fully empower you to do so.

The Takeaway: Pick three days this week to put your phone in another room for a period of time to practice the concept of a digital detox. This could be for a period of a few hours after work or to leave at home while you have a dinner out with a significant other. I’d love for you to leave a comment and let me know how you felt by doing this. I am willing to bet that at first it will be hard and that you will most likely feel anxious or that you are missing out, but trust me the anxiousness will give way to calm. Everything will still be there when you pick your phone back up.


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