Practice becomes habit

I often hear from people that changing their daily routine is hard. You may really want to change how you spend your time during the day but many times it’s hard to know where to start. It can be difficult to start a new practice and it does take effort and discipline, but as you practice what you are trying to do it will become routine, which will become habit. Practice becomes habit! Soon you won’t think twice about it and it will just be part of your daily life.

For instance, say you want to work out in the morning. Those first few mornings may be hard. It takes all your will power to get out of bed and make the decision to go to the gym. But after a while, you get used to it and without thinking or making that decision, you turn the alarm off, lace up your shoes and head out the door.

Habits can be great because it puts our mind on autopilot so that doing something positive (like working out) doesn’t have to become this decision that your brain has to make, it just does it. 

If you do find that you are constantly telling yourself things like “I really want to start doing X, or I really need to do less of Y”, I would encourage you to write your thoughts down, put them on paper to give yourself a visual to look at and better process what you want to reduce and what you want to add. Make a list of what you what you want to add (or subtract) to your day and pick one to focus on throughout the week. There is no set way or manual on how to do this. Simply pick something and see how it goes. It is a trial and error but that is ok, you have control as to how your week and day go. Give yourself grace and compliment yourself on making advancements and trying new things. You can allow yourself to make mistakes and then adjust accordingly.

The Takeaway: Go through the motions of writing a list like I talk about in the last paragraph. Pick one new practice that you want to put into place this week. Figure out a good time for it. Set yourself up for success. (I.E. Don’t plan it for 6am if you’re NOT a morning person). If you need accountability, tell a friend or partner about your plan. If that doesn’t work for you, tell yourself that you’re the type of person that does ‘X’ and that it’s important to your life. And get to work. 😉


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