Reset | A day retreat

I have some awesome news! April 22nd will be the first one day excursion or “reset” as we have named them. Reset was created as a way for you to disconnect from the constant hum of society and to reset your bodies systems and energy through connecting with others, connecting with nature, and giving yourself a day to concentrate on you. What better way to treat yourself than to come on a day excursion paddle boarding the inner coastal at Ft. Desoto with mini guided meditation sessions scattered throughout the day? We will have a picnic lunch where we break bread and share a meal together.

Why Reset? // Reset was created after I discovered through talking with people that they do not take any or very little time for themselves. More often than not people do not think about themselves when it comes to self-care or wellness. If you are giving and giving of yourself non-stop what else do you have to give? We cannot go full throttle everyday without our bodies naturally stopping us in some form.

What should attendees expect? //  The day will be spent by exploring the intercostal at Ft. Desoto on paddleboards with mini meditation session scattered throughout the day. The meditation sessions will be guided by myself and will be a something that one can take with them and practice on their own. They are meant to allow people to disconnect from the constant hum of society and center themselves to be present and to fully enjoy and experience the present moment. It’s a bring-your-own-lunch situation and we will take breaks from paddle boarding to talk, do meditations and eat. Attendees will take away with them different stress reduction techniques and self-guided meditation strategies that they can use on their own.

How do I sign up? // Sign up is easy! Right now you can contact us to sign up directly through our website or contact me at

Who is “Reset” for? // Reset is for working millenials who are feeling the stress of work and life, if you feel that you are always on the go with no time for yourself to reset and recharge then this excursion is for you!

What is the cost? // Reset is only $55 and includes paddle board rental. It’s only $35 if you bring your own board. There is a $5 car fee to enter Ft. Desoto park.

Here’s our promo video to get you excited:


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