Self-Care is Key

I recently allowed myself to go on a vacation and unplug or as I like to call it, “reset and restore”. With the pace that life has been moving with a recent move and my daughter ending the school year along with juggling work I have not been a good practitioner of my own advice and guidance.

Self-Care is vital to work life balance and stress management.

Not only did I take a time out for myself, but I also took time to bond with my family and spend some much needed time together creating life long memories of experiences and not things. I spent 10 glorious days in the Rocky Mountains being one with the natural world among the open, wild spaces and I found that I was not concerned with what was posted on facebook or what I was “missing” on social media. Turns out I did not miss out on much that has any worth on my everyday life and well-being.

We have a tendency to neglect ourselves for the sake of (what we feel) are greater priorities in our lives but that is the wrong mindset and perception to have.

We need to take care of ourselves before we can take care of others. Here is what I mean, we cannot keep giving of our energy and not replenishing what we have given and expect to give the best of ourselves to others, especially those that we love. Just like how the airlines asks you to put on your mask first and then assist your child, if we aren’t taken care of, those around us suffer. We all need times of restoration, we all need to know how to properly manage our work life with our home life. We all need to be able to experience an increased job and life satisfaction.

If you find yourself tired or running on fumes with no end of the daily grind in sight it might be your call to reach out to someone who can help you discover the tools to create this work life balance that you desire and crave. I will be starting a new blog series based on the insights that I had during my trip. The topics will touch on the power of our perception and how our perception shapes our reality, how to opt for experiences and not things, practicing self-centered grace, limiting the amount of negativity you allow into your lives ect. I am eager to share my thoughts on these topics with you and others and I hope that you will find that they are a benefit to your lives.

Namaste and never stop exploring!

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