Opt for Experiences, not things

I want to speak briefly today on the importance of valuing experiences over material possessions. I am not saying that material possession are all bad but I would caution on how much we place value in things and trinkets that at the end will have no value. Most of the times the things we buy will break, rust, become obsolete, go out of fashion and will either find their way to a garbage heap, attic or closet. On the flip side, having unique experiences like traveling to a foreign destination, sharing food with a different culture, watching your child explore a completely different landscape with elation and wonder; these memories will last a lifetime and will hold more worth than all of your possession combined.

“The clearest way into the Universe is through a forest wilderness” – John Muir 

This past father’s day was especially valuable to me, my wife and daughter surprised me with a private, guided fly fishing tour in the waters of the rocky mountains where I learned from a professional fly fisherman everything I needed to know. It was something that was on my bucket list that I can now scratch off. The knowledge that I gained during that time I can take with me for the rest of my life and I can pass on to others. I will have that memory with me forever as it was such a special experience to me. It is hard to not get caught up with the societal expectation that you have to amass as much as possible, but this is a faulty perception. You can be just fine without having an overabundance of stuff. I encourage you and empower you to invest in experiences with those you love over things. Life is about fellowship and connections, not things.

Take away: Pick one thing or place that you have always wanted to do or go and make a plan to do it in the next month! Trade in something that you normally purchase for an experience and go have fun doing it.

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