Natural Disasters

Across the world we are experiencing natural disasters at a catastrophic level and rate. We here in Florida just went through hurricane Irma one of the most powerful storms I have experienced in my 37 years here. I am in Lakeland, Florida and the eye came directly over us. We took a punch but we have a great community and our first responders and city workers are hands down some hard core [expletives]. They were out as soon as they could starting assessments, cleanup and repairs. I have never seen a response so quick and in this number. I respect and value all men and women who put their lives and risk at a moment’s notice without hesitation and question. It was wonderful to see the power of this community come together to help one another regardless of political ties, religious ties, color, etc. It makes me so very grateful that I live here and am a part of this community.

When you witness the raw and relentless power of an event such as this it really makes you realize how insignificant we are in the midst of the vast power of earth and nature. Unfortunately, events such as these will continue to happen and they will keep getting worse if we stand by and do nothing to help reduce waste and pollution on our planet. We may not be the cause of natural disasters but we sure are a contributing factor as evidenced by the events that we have been experiencing all over the world this summer.

We should be kind and give regard to our home along to those who live here alongside us.

Unless I am wrong, we are a long ways away from colonizing mars so I am going to invest in my home here and continue to teach my daughter and others about taking better care of the Earth. We are rebuilding and we will be better for it, better equipped and better prepared for the future.

Namaste and love your neighbor!

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