The Untamed Spirit

This October I took a much needed trip to the Shenandoah National Park with my family where we met up with long-time college friends and their three boys. They are dear friends that are family to us and we, along with our children, pick up right were we left off as if no time has passed. Our stomachs hurt from the amount of laughter that was shared. Our children went off with their dog Scout (a protective and loyal guard dog) and the kids explored the natural world around them for hours without the fear of their safety. We hiked, strolled, ran, and sauntered through the woods, meadows, creeks and streams of the Shenandoah’s detached from all of the drama and negativity of the world.

Meandering through the Forest without cell phone service you realized how much you have grown so accustomed to these privileges and a false entitlement can even creep in. When you allow yourself to not have access to modern day technology, you soon realize how little you do need it and how much it is a crutch that we have grown far too reliant on for our happiness and well-being.

When you realize that you do not need these to enjoy life or to achieve balance you tend to not miss them when they are not at your disposal. You allow yourself to engage the senses as you take in the elements of the earth. You gain a much deeper connection with your surroundings and the experience allows for a much deeper and valuable meaning in your life.

Technology can be wonderful and it does have value, but be vigilant in ensuring that it is not something that you rely on but something that you can use when needed. There are times throughout the year when you do need to detach from the concrete jungle and the “hum” to allow yourself to reset, restore, and re-center so that you are in balance with the world around you. Be self-aware of when you start to feel the urge or the pull to get out and away from people. You may feel a stirring in your soul to get away and that is the perfect sign that you need to go explore and wander for a bit. It is perfectly ok to feel this way and to allow yourself to experience these times.


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