Have you ever heard the old adage of “silence is golden”? Well it turns out that it truly is.I myself have recently had this revelation in my own life as the noise of society and our current negatively charged social climate has become deafening at times.

We have a constant stream of noise occupying our thoughts and minds.

When was the last time that you allowed yourself to go for a walk, sit on your back patio or take a long bath in pure silence?

There is great value in times of silence. A saying goes, “when we quiet the noise in our heads, we begin to think.” With the past month I have made it a priority to spend more time at my local parks and natural preserves in my town. I simply walk, listen, and observe.

No phone.

No music.

No talking.

I walk in silence and allow my surroundings to speak to me. It is amazing the type of mental clarity that you can achieve with times of silence. We suffer from a mentality that silence is bad and most of us have become increasingly uncomfortable with silence. When we are presented with a quiet moment we tend to feel like we need to fill the void, the quiet, with something. We can think that just because someone is quiet that something is wrong.

Even among peers we don’t always need to speak our mind or say what we are feeling or thinking.  Silence is not bad, in fact, more and more research is showing that it can have great impacts on stress, anxiety, mental facilities and memory just to name a few. As I get older, (or maybe wiser? hopefully both) I am finding that I enjoy the times of silence that I am gifted with and find great value and worth in them. I did not always used to be this way and I am sure my wife will agree. I used to be very uncomfortable with silence and if I experienced it I automatically thought something was wrong. In time I’ve learned that it wasn’t, things were good, things are good and so not much needs to be said. Enjoy the silence and use it to quiet the noise and to think!

Take Away: Do you have a place or moment in your weekly schedule that you can have some moments of silence? If you do not I highly encourage you to look at your schedule and make some space and pic a spot for silence. If you need help achieving this, reach out to us, this is what we love to do!

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