With ten years experience in the human services field and a license in Mental Health, Jason Weiland has a passion for helping businesses, employees and business owners have a healthier and more efficient work environments. Navigate was created to help guide individuals and businesses through the process of creating a healthy atmosphere of work-life balance, thus increasing employee retention and time management in the workplace. He believes that there is a huge need for this within businesses and he works hard to bring awareness and change to our mental health culture.

I am based in Central Florida and Colorado and travel world-wide.

This is for businesses + entrepreneurs: Have better employee retention and a better working environment, which in turn means a better business.

This is for individuals: Be more efficient with your time, learn how to be less stressed and more in tune with yourself. Learn how to use your passions and talents to have a career that gives you the life you want. Life coaching, 1 on 1 counseling and wilderness retreats create a better you.

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