1 on 1 Consulting | Workshops | Seminars

Promote a culture of wellness within your work place. Improve productivity and employee retention and work satisfaction, circling back to improve your business. That’s a win-win-win.

I come to your workplace to give your employees a brief 60 minute talk on work-life balance. Encourage a culture of wellness in your workplace and give employees a break in their day with some great take-aways on how to deal with stress in their lives.

1 on 1 Consulting
Includes a day of assessment for your work environment, employee interviews, and an observational report leaving you with suggestions and tips on how to integrate new procedures or environment changes.

Wilderness Workshops
Take your employees on a wilderness coaching workshop. Spend a day unplugged in a beautiful outdoor environment, all the while connecting with your team and receiving tips on how you can incorporate calming and de-stressing techniques into your daily routine.
Price depends on number of people and activity. 


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